Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Filing for Social Security Disability SSI Massachusetts

If you file a claim for social security disability or SSI disability in the state of Massachusetts, you'll stand a better chance of approval than in a number of other states. The national rates of denial for initial disability claims and first appeals are 63.3% and 84.9%, respectively. By comparison, in Massachusetts, 54.7% of initial claims for SSD and SSI are lost, while 72.7% of first appeals are lost.

Of course, saying that claims fare better in Massachusetts isn't really saying much, since the reality is still this: most social security disability and SSI claims in Massachusetts are denied.

What do you do if your claim for disability in Massachusetts is denied? The same thing you should do regardless of where you live: file an appeal. If your claim was denied at the initial claim (application) level, you'll need to request your first appeal. If this first appeal has been denied (and they generally are), you'll need to file your second appeal which is a request for hearing by an admnistrative law judge.

Should you file a new application instead of an appeal? No, this is not productive and, in fact, the only reason to file a new application versus an appeal is when your claim has been denied for reasons other than those involving an evaluation of your medical records (such as working full time when you apply and not qualifying based on excess earned income). In these instances, a claimant will have been issued a "technical denial" and it will generally be pointless to appeal.

In the vast majority of cases, filing an appeal after a claim has been denied will be the best course of action.

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