Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Filing for Social Security Disability SSI Washington

If you've filed for social security disability or SSI benefits in the state of Washington, or are simply thinking of doing this, here are things to keep in mind:

1. While disability applications are taken by the social security office, they are actually processed by the division of disability determination services. This is the state-level agency that renders decisions on disability cases for the social security administration.

2. If you, as a disability claimant, would like to inquire into the status of your pending claim, you should probably contact the Washington division of disability determination services and ask to speak to the disability examiner who has been assigned to your case. This number can be gotten from the social security office where your claim was filed.

3. If you have filed an initial disability claim (an application) in Washington, your claim will stand (according to recent year statistics) about a 41% chance of being approved. Conversely, this means that nearly sixty percent of all disability claims filed in Washington are denied.

4. If you have been denied on a disability claim in Washington and have filed your first appeal, this will stand a 15.1% chance of being approved and nearly an 85% chance of being denied.

5. As an applicant for social security disability or SSI disability benefits in Washington, you may use the services of a disability attorney or a non attorney representative at any point in the process, though, typically, many claimants wait until they receive their denial (note: disability advocates work on a contingency basis meaning there is no fee unless the case is won).

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