Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Filing for Social Security Disability SSI Indiana

If you need to apply for either social security disability or SSI disability benefits in Indiana, you will need to contact your local social security office. You can actually file for social security disability online (at this time you cannot file for SSI online and receive a protective filing date); however, filing online will not allow you the opportunity to ask questions about how the process works.

After you have filed your disability application, you may wish to inquire into the status of your claim at some point. This is only natural as most disability claims will usually take several weeks to several months to process and long periods may go by, during which a claimant may hear literally nothing from the social security administration. How should an Indiana disability claimant check the status of their case? Many people will instinctively call the social security office at which they applied. However, disability claims are not actually processed at SSA field offices.

In Indiana, social security disability and SSI disability cases are actually evaluated at the Indiana Disability Determination Bureau. It is at this agency that a claimant's medical records are retrieved and evaluated by a disability examiner. Therefore, for this reason, a claimant who seeks to learn the status of their claim should attempt to contact the examiner (the number for the disability determination bureau can usually be obtained from the social security office where one has filed a claim).

What are the chances of being approved for disability benefits in Indiana? Recent-year statistics indicated the following: disability applications in Indiana were denied at the rate of 67.8%, which was higher than the national average. First appeals were denied at exactly the national average, with the rate of denial being 84.9%.

Claimants in Indiana who are denied, of course, should not give on their claims, but, rather, should appeal their denials. Ultimately, a claimant who follows the appeal process will have a disability hearing before a federally appointed judge. And it is at such hearings that claimants who have been previously denied and who are represented by a disability lawyer (or non attorney representative) will have a better than sixty percent chance of being approved.

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