Thursday, October 05, 2006

Social Security Disability and Errant thinking

I found this on a post at It's an excerpt from an SSAB (social security advisory board) report titled "A Disability system for the 21st century.

A new disability system must incorporate elements that embrace change and...facilitate a culture shift within society to establish the expectation that individuals with disabilities can and should work to the extent of their capabilities and that society should assist individuals with disabilities in that endeavor

Wow. Sounds like a load of crap. Lofty, but still crap. Especially when it comes to somewhat older individuals who have developed disabling impairments. The disability system is currently designed to take into account the fact that individuals of a certain age will have more difficulty transferring their previously learned skills to other jobs. And this is a good thing, because the reality is that most employers will simply choose a younger worker over an older one for various reasons---one of those reasons being the cost of healthcare and the fact that older workers will utilize their health insurance coverage more often than younger workers, causing group premiums to rise.

On the surface, it sounds like a nice message, wanting to empower individuals with disabilities. But when the message has at its source the federal government, rest assured that the intent is only on one thing: cutting expenditures.

In other words, don't trust these guys. They remind me of Roger Smith, the former chairman of GM who convinced auto worker unions to give up pay concessions. What did he do with the savings? He used the money to build plants in Mexico so auto workers in the U.S. could lose their jobs even faster.

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