Friday, September 01, 2006

Will your age affect whether or not you will be approved for disability benefits?

Some people make the assumption that a younger individual cannot get approved for disability benefits. However, this is clearly not the case. For one thing, the medical-vocational grid used by the social security administration has no built-in bias for younger individuals and, secondly, younger individuals and even children get approved for disability benefits quite frequently.

The rules, however, do tend to give advantages to older individuals. For example, under the current rules, an individual who is 55 years old and has a history of medium work (the chief characteristics of medium work are the ability to lift 50 lbs occasionally and 25 lbs frequently) would be awarded social security disability or SSI disability benefits provided that a review of their medical evidence indicated they were only capable of light work (20 lbs occasionally and 10 lbs frequently).

Under the current system, the vocational rationale is that, for an older individual, the opportunity for participating in the national economy may be significantly diminished.

Will your age affect whether or not you can be approved for disability benefits? If you are younger it will not directly inhibit your chance for approval. However, if you are an older individual, your age may be a factor that helps you win benefits.

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