Friday, September 22, 2006

The Sunday Salesman at the Kia Lot

Ok, I've never really been attracted to Kias. I've read in a variety of magazines and clippings that their quality has come up quite a bit, but just the same I've never seen one that I've extremely liked (although the optima doesn't look bad). Anyway, I was out of town visiting my mother and had been co-opted into chauffering her to church. In the interim, while waiting to pick her up, I decided to stop by the Kia dealership since I had had heard a radio advertisement referencing sizeable rebates. Rebates can be a very good thing and nearly any car can be worth buying provided the price is right. What did I find on the lot? Quite frankly, ridiculous prices, especially considering that some of them weren't too far and away from the cost of a honda accord or toyota camry. As I was wrapping up my look-see visit, a lone salesman approached. He said, "What do you think of the Optima?". I told him, "It's way overpriced". He immediately slipped into that weird car salesman persona that many of them have and said with a straight face, "Really? For what you get, we don't think they're priced high enough." It took me a second or two to digest the ridiculousness of the comment, but I replied with everything that I knew about resale values for the cars on this guy's lot and for different honda and toyota models. I even threw in some commentary about a Ford model and a Pontiac model that are well thought of. After I finished, the salesman's expression had altered considerably. And then it was as if a light switch had been flipped. He became strangely sincere, shrugged, and said, "Yeah, they don't resell well at all."
The moment he uttered that line, I knew I had a anecdote worthy of retelling for several years. We then proceeded to talk about the weather and where each of was originally from. And then I found out that before coming to the Kia dealership, he had sold Hondas.

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