Saturday, September 30, 2006

Filing for Social Security Disability SSI Virginia

In Virginia, when an individual becomes disabled and is no longer able to work, they contact the social security adminisration and file a claim for either social security disability or SSI disability. However, the social security office only takes the application. It does not process the claim. In other words, it does not gather a claimant's medical records to see if the claimant will qualify for disability benefits.

This function is performed by an agency in Virginia known as Disability Determination Services, or DDS. It is at the Virginia DDS offices (virginia is a decentralized state so there are several DDS locations) that disability claims are assigned to disability examiners who, in consultation with medical and psychological consultants, make decisions on disability claims.

Disability claimants who have filed a disability claim in Virginia and would like to check the status of their claim may wish to contact the examiner assigned to their case. Generally, the number for the proper DDS office can be obtained from the social security office where one has applied for SSD or SSI.

What are the chances for being approved for disability benefits in Virginia? Recent-year statistics showed that disability applications in Virginia were denied at the rate of 61.6%. For those were denied and filed a first appeal in Virginia, the rate of denial was 87.7%. However, for those individuals who chose to appeal one step further (to a disability hearing before a judge), more than half were likely to win their claim, particularly those who were represented by a qualified disability lawyer.

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