Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Filing for Social Security Disability SSI Pennsylvania PA

Pennsylvania is another state in which the disability adjudication system is decentralized, unlike, for example, north carolina, which has only one disability determination services agency. Unlike the state of florida, however, pennyslvania has three agency locations as opposed to six.

In Pennsylvania, the agency that makes decisions on initial social security disability and SSI disability claims is the "bureau of disability determination". And it is at this state level agency that disability examiners review medical records and make decisions for the social security administration on disability claims.

In a recent year, 55.1% of all disability claims filed within the state of Pennsylvania were denied. At the first appeal level, the statistics were somewhat worse with 65.7 percent of all such appeals being denied. The approval and denial rates for pennsylvania, however, were actually a bit better than the national figures. Nationally, initial claims and first appeals were denied at the rate of 63.3% and 84.9%, respectively.

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