Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Filing for Social Security Disability SSI North Carolina NC

If you live in North Carolina and feel the need to apply for disability benefits with the social security administration (whether or not your disability claim will be for social security disability or SSI will be determined by SSA based on your work contributions), simply contact your nearest social security office and advise them that you wish file a disability application. Once you do this, an appointment will generally be made for either an office visit or a telephone interview (if your disability application is conducted over the phone, the claims rep will send you your forms to sign and return by mail).

Disability claims in North Carolina are handled by Disability Determination Services. At disability determinations services (your claim will have been sent there by the social security office), a disability examiner will be assigned to your case. This individual will review your application and send requests for medical information to all the doctors and hospitals indicated on your application (this is why it is so important to provide full and complete information regarding your sources of medical treatment).

Once this information has been received, the examiner may be in a position to make a decision on your claim. Generally, this will take 90-120 days; however, it is not unusual for a claim to take significantly longer, particularly if an examiner has trouble locating a claimant's medical records or if a claimant has had recent surgery (for example, cases in which a claimant has had heart or eye surgery will generally be deferred for at least 3 months in order to see how a patient's condition may improve post-surgery). If, however, the most recent records collected are "aged" (generally meaning older than 2 months), an applicant for social security disability or SSI may need to be sent to a consultative medical examination. These examinations are not for the purpose of delivering medical treatment but, rather, are conducted primarily for the purpose of obtaining recent medical evidence (so a claimant's case can be decided).

What are the chances of being approved for disability benefits in North Carolina? At the initial claim level (the application level) and at the first appeal level, the statistics for North Carolina are worse than the national average. Nationally, 63.3 percent of all disability applications are denied, while 84.9 percent of first appeals are denied.

In North Carolina, 67.2 percent of disability applications are denied, while 87 percent of first appeals are denied. The rates of denials in North Carolina are fairly high.

However, a North Carolina disability claimant should not be discouraged from pursuing a claim as most claims across the nation are denied at these or similar levels. Claimants in North Carolina who are denied at these levels and who decide to request a disability hearing (this is the second appeal that a claimant is allowed to make) stand a much greater of being approved at a hearing, particularly if they have representation.

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