Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Filing for Social Security Disability SSI Florida

Statistics for the state of Florida for a recent year indicated that disability applications were denied at a rate higher than the national average. Nationally, about 63% of initial disability claims (for social security disability and SSI disability) were denied. However, in Florida the rate of denial was nearly 65%. At the first appeal level, a little over 83 percent of all disability claims in Florida were likewise denied.

The rates of approval and denial for disability cases in florida are not unlike those seen in other southern states. Florida, however, is different from some states (north carolina, for instance) in that the system of disability claim adjudication is decentralized. The "office of disability determinations" as it is called in florida (in most states, this agency is known as disability determination services) actually has six separate locations.

Social security disability and SSI claimants who wish to file an application, of course, should contact their local social security office and those who wish to check the status of a pending claim may wish to contact the office of disability determinations to speak to the disability examiner assigned to their case (the number can usually be gotten from the social security office where an application has been filed).

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