Sunday, September 24, 2006

Social Security Disability SSI and Prescription Printouts

I came across this question in a forum: If I am applying for disability, do I need to send in my medical records and, if so, do I need to include pharmacy printouts.

Regarding medical records, ideally you should submit these with your social security disability or SSI application and, further still, you should submit medical record updates with your appeals. If you have an attorney or non attorney representative by the time your claim has been denied, you can generally leave the task of record gathering up to this individual.

Regarding prescription printouts, no, you shouldn't need to send these in simply because they don't really provide medical evidence. I have seen instances in which an administrative law actually requested that pharmacy printouts be submitted---but this was probably because the judge wanted to see if the SSD or SSI claimant had actually been compliant as to the medications that had been prescribed (and this indicates, to my mind, a judge who is looking to deny a claim, never mind the fact that many claimants would love to be in the position of being able to obtain every med they've been prescribed but can't due to no longer having health insurance).

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