Friday, September 01, 2006

How to get SSI - How to get approved for SSI

For all intents and purposes, applying for SSI disability is the same as applying for social security disability. Meaning, no matter which program you draw your benefits from, the actual processing of a disability claim in either program is the same.

What this means then, of course, is that to get a claim for SSI disability approved is no different than for SSD, or social security disability.

In either case, after an application has been submitted to the social security administration, it will be forwarded to a disability claims examiner at a state processing agency. This individual will order a claimant's medical records and, after they arrive, will evaluate them, looking to see if, according to the records, a claimant meets the requirements for receiving disability benefits.

In almost all cases, a disability examiner will be looking at the records and the claimant's work history to see whether or not the individual can return to their past work, or can perform some other type of work. If the answer to both questions is no, the result will generally be an approval for disability benefits.

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