Saturday, September 09, 2006

Doctor appointment for Social Security Disability

If you have an appointment to be seen by a doctor for a social security disability or SSI disability medical examination, there are a few things you can reasonably expect...and a few things you should probably not expect.

First, the things you can expect:

1. The exam will probably be short (ten minutes is usually a good benchmark).

2. The doctor may be a bit rude (this has been the experience of many claimants).

3. The doctor who sees you may practice in a specialization that has nothing to do with your particular medical condition. For example, it is not unheard of for a gynecologist to perform a social security medical exam for a claimant whose only alleged condition is degenerative disc disease.

Here are some things you should not expect:

1. Treatment -- a doctor who performs social security exams is not there to provide treatment but, rather, recent medical evidence for SSA.

2. Knowledge of your case -- sometimes these doctors are sent copies of your medical records by the disability examiner working on your case, but this is not always true and even when such records are sent there is no guarantee that the examining doctor will actually read your records.

3. An unbiased attitude -- many of these private physicians who conduct social security examinations are curt and rude and too many of them do little to hide this (if you have a particularly bad experience, report this to the disability examiner who scheduled the exam for you).

If you are sent an appointment letter for one of these exams, by all means go since a failure to do so can negatively affect your case. However, keep in mind that these exams are usually scheduled for one purpose only, which is simply to get a recent snapshot of your medical condition so your claim can be decided and your case can be

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