Monday, August 28, 2006

Social Security Disability Benefits

Of course, every page on is related in some way, shape, or form to social security disability (and SSI) benefits. However, for the purpose of making some of these pages more accessible again, here they are listed. These various pages include general information on SSD and SSI and also focus on making an application for benefits, getting legal help on a pending application or appeal, how medical determinations on cases are conducted, and explaining who is eligible to receive benefits under the social security administration's benefit programs.

To cut to the chase, I'll throw out these bits of information:

A. Individuals who are considering applying for benefits should probably go ahead and do so since the system is currently backlogged. In other words, its better to get something "in the pipeline".

B. Representation on a case is not required but can absolutely make the difference when one has to appeal a denial that has been issued.

C. Individuals who work can also apply provided they do not earn enough to equate with what is referred to as substantial gainful income.

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