Thursday, June 08, 2006

Reasons to Apply for Disability

There's only one reason to apply for disability. And the reason is...that an individual is limited enough by their condition, or various conditions (mental, physical, or both), to the extent that they can no longer work, either at one of their past jobs, or at any other form of work deemed suitable by the social security administration (based on a claimant's age, work skills, past work requirements, current level of restrictions, and level of education).

That's one way to answer the question. Another way to address the issue, however, is to say this: You can apply for social security disability or SSI disability benefits and potentially win your case no matter what your diagnosed condition is. To some, this may sound strange, but, because of the way the social security administration evaluates and adjudicates disability benefit claims, the specific condition a person has is not nearly as relevant as the limitations that are caused by a claimant's condition.

For example, if disability claimant A files on the basis of having had a heart attack, but claimant A has not had resulting functional restrictions sufficient enough to prevent a return to work, claimant A will probably not be approved for disability benefits. On the other hand, if claimant B has osteoarthritis and the medical evidence demonstrates that claimant B will be unable to return to his former work, or perform any other form of suitable work, then claimant B will probably be approved for disability benefits.

So, in answer to the question, "What are reasons to apply for disability?", the answer is that literally any medical, psychological, or psychiatric condition may qualify you for disability benefits, as long as the condition sufficiently limits your ability to work.

However, on a final note, it should be stated that, according to social security's definition of disability, the inability to work at a former job or perform any other form of suitable work must persist for at least a year, or be be projected to last for at least one year.

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