Sunday, June 04, 2006

Disability Blogs and Disability Claimants

If you do a search on google's blog search ( -- still in beta, I believe) for the phrase "disability blogs", you'll find a number of references to individual disability blogs and lists of disability blogs. Visting a few of these blogs you'll find that some are focused on specific issues, some are used by their authors for catharsis, some are quite humorous, and some, to quote Rocky Balboa, just "fill gaps".

Unfortunately, most of these are of little to zero interest to most social security disability and SSI claimants.

"What!", exclaims the chorus of offended disability bloggers. "How dare you say such a thing!".

I dare.

Here's why: The vast majority (majority means most, though not all) of individuals who are in desperate need of being approved for disability benefits (I say desperate because when you have no income, no healthcare, no access to prescriptions and some possibility of losing your home, you're pretty desperate) care little about disability culture issues, disablism, ablism, or any one individual's desire to rant about this, that or the other thing (don't get me wrong, I certainly enjoy a good rant myself and also periodically enjoy reading other people's rants). Quite the opposite, they're looking for fairly specific information of a practical nature versus issue orientation.

Having said that, though, I can certainly recommend a number of the "other" types of disability blogs. Here are just a couple examples.

Disabilities Unlimited
(interesting writing and fairly informative)

The 19th Floor
(well written with a good sense of humor, such as the phrase for one
blog post "Because You Can Never Have Too Many Lawyers")

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