Thursday, June 08, 2006

Can you receive Social Security Disability (aka SSDI and SSD) and SSI also ?

Actually, you can receive both social security disability benefits and SSI benefits both at the same time, though this is not something in which you really have any choice. In brief, here's how it works. When you file for disability benefits, either online or by visiting your local social security office, you do simply that---you file an application for disability. The category from which your benefits may, ultimately, be drawn, though, will be determined by social security.

If you have earned enough work credits to qualify for social security disability benefits (that is, if you have insured status), then your disability application will be for SSD, or social security disability.

If you do not have enough work credits (and this may be the case for 1. minor children, 2. individuals who worked, but never became insured due to insufficient credits, and 3. individuals who were once insured for social security but have lost their coverage), then your disability application will be for SSI, or supplemental security income.

However, there is a third category and that category is called a concurrent claim. A concurrent disability claim exists when a person has coverage, or insured status, for social security disability, but, due to their earnings record, is expected to receive a small disability benefit (less than the full SSI monthly benefit). For such individuals, a concurrent claim for both social security disability and SSI may possibly be filed.

The thinking behind concurrent claims is that a person who qualifies for social security disability should be able to receive a benefit amount no less than the amount currently received by SSI disability beneficiaries---assuming, of course, that one meets the requirements of both the social security disability (title II) and SSI (title 16) programs.

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