Saturday, May 13, 2006

Social Security Disability SSI Status

If you have a pending claim for either social security disability or SSI disability, no doubt you'll find yourself, at some point, wondering what the status of your case is. And this is normal for two reasons. First of all, disability claims take an exceptionally lengthy amount of time to process and, secondly, the social security administration will not make any attempt to inform you of the current status of your disability claim, short of sending you the actual decision notice.

In all fairness to SSA, it may not be feasible or even productive from their point of view to periodically notify claimants of the status of their disability claim. But this is hardly comforting to the claimant whose initial claim has been in process for six or eight months, or whose request for hearing has been pending for a year or longer. Disability claimants must deal with the stress of 1. not knowing what is going on with their case and 2. knowing that the longer their case drags on, the more likely it may be that their financial situation may become unsalvageable.

If you have filed a disability claim and no decision has been made yet (not that you are aware of, at least), or you have filed your first appeal and no decision has been received, then you should contact either the social security office where you filed your claim, or the state agency that handles medical determinations for social security disability and SSI claims.

In most states, this agency will be known as DDS, or disability determination services. If you have requested a hearing before an administrative law judge and wish to know the status of your disability hearing request, you should contact the hearing office which has jurisdication for the area in which you live (you can obtain this number simply by calling the social security office where you filed).

Of course, if you have representation in the form of an attorney or non attorney representative, you should contact this individual and request that they obtain the status on your pending claim.

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Blogger Alicia said...

I applied for SSI about a 40 days ago. About 2 weeks later I got a notice from my bank that a monthly credit would be going into my account from the US treasury and it said SSI at the bottom, but i never got an approval letter, nor has any money been deposited into my account.About 2 weeks ago I got a packet to fill out about my daily Life from the SS office. I filled it out and sent it back in the next day. But I havent heard anything Since. I know it can take 5 months, but my husbands net pay is only 400 a month and we have a toddler. I just want to know

9:07 PM  
Blogger Disability Blogger said...

Alicia, I responded here: SSI Disability Status

6:53 PM  

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