Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Social Security Disability SSI and Veterans Benefits - the effect of the web

Recently, it became known that the implementation of an offset, with regard to veterans benefits and disability benefits from the social security administration, was under consideration. The news spread like wildfire, of course, among websites and blogs that have an interest in (and keep a watchful eye over) such issues.

Well, according to a May 24, 2006 press release (source: http://www.vetscommission.org), "In a show of hands vote of 11 to 2
at its May 19th public meeting, the Commission agreed to adopt a motion to
clarify that there would be no mention or question of an offset of VA or
SSDI benefits and to limit data collection from the Social Security
Administration and SSDI in several key ways."

Apparently, the "trial balloon" that was floated regarding a possible offset met fairly stiff wind resistance from a number of sources. And those who disseminate and pass information along using various internet conduits (personal websites, article submissions, blogs, forums) most likely (I have no doubt myself) played some role in this.

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