Thursday, May 11, 2006

Social Security Disability and SSI back pay : contacting your congressman to speed it up

Sometimes it's useful to call either your local congressman's office or one of your two senator's to have them check into your case and move it along faster. Generally, of course, this is for the purpose of getting a hearing scheduled faster. However, there are times when doing this can benefit you in other ways.

A recent post on this blog referenced the problems that social security disability and SSI disability claimants have with back pay issues, to which another blogger mentioned in a comment that he was able to get his back pay sooner by contacting his congressman's office (in this case, it was the congressional delegate for the district of columbia). So, I would definitely add this to the tips list.

If you've been approved for social security disability or ssi disability benefits, contact your representative or senator and tell them you're not having any luck in getting your back pay processed in a timely manner (there's a huge gulf between what the social security administration and normal citizens consider to be "timely"). Someone from that office will perform an inquiry and the outcome of this may be that you get your back pay sooner. Of course, as with all things related to the disability system, there's no guarantee---but if you've been waiting an extraordinary amount of time for the back pay benefits to which you are entitled, it is certainly worth a shot.

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