Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Expediting the Social Security Disability and SSI application process

Again, this is from the same press release that was mentioned earlier (a couple of posts back) with regard to veterans benefits.

" The goals of the Commission, once CNA has conducted its data collection
and analysis, are to improve outreach, expedite the SSDI application and
examination process, and to explore federal certification, which could lead
to a single disability exam for all veterans."

I hate to put it this way, but this sounds like a bunch of malarkey. Unless congress wants to amend the social security act and create a separate social security disability and SSI disability evaluation track for veterans, good luck on such "goals". Simply put, SSDI and SSI claims fall entirely under the purview of the social security administration and this is not likely to ever change, nor is it likely that social security disability and SSI claims for veterans will ever be handled in any way, shape, or form any differently than such claims are handled for civilians.

In fact, under the new SSDI - SSI system that will receive it's trial run in the social security administration's boston region (most of the new england states)on 8/1/06, there are provisions for attempting to move cases faster by identifying those claims for which it is "obvious" that a claimant's condition is "disabling".

But this notion of quick disability decision units is not likely to have more than a neglible effect on the process, if that, simply because, from the standpoint of disability claims examiners, there is no such thing as an obvious state of disability; meaning, you still have to request medical records and read them before you can actually know what's wrong with a claimant and whether or not they qualify for benefits. And that's exactly how the process works now.

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