Saturday, April 29, 2006

How many disability appeals do you get ?

Well, in one sense, you get as many disability appeals as you want, simply because there is no limit on the number of times that you can file for social security disability or ssi benefits (however, having said this, please understand that filing a new application for ssd or ssi is not the same as filing an appeal --- and I only say that because, believe it or not, many individuals do make this mistake).

Currently, the way the system works, an applicant for either social security disability or ssi is entitled to a number of appeals. The first appeal is the reconsideration step. A claimant who is denied at the reconsideration step can request a hearing before an administrative law judge (this and all appeals must be requested within sixty days of the date of the most recent denial). If a claimant is denied by an ALJ, the next appeal step is to have the judge's decision reviewed by the Appeals Council. And, finally, if the claim is denied at this level, a disability claimant has the final option of filing in federal district court. Of course, once a claimant has exhausted all their appeals, they will still have the option of filing a brand new claim and starting over.

Note: Changes are being being made to the disability evaluation system, including appeals. However, these changes begin only in the SSA boston region (new england states) on 8/1/06 and will only gradually rollout to the rest of the country one full year after the changes are put to the test in the boston region. If those changes hold, this page will be updated. As for now, however, this is how the system still works.

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