Friday, April 14, 2006

How do you file a Social Security Disability or SSI appeal?

An absolutely astounding number of claims filed with the social security administration are turned down by disability examiners (the decision makers on claims at the first two levels of the system prior to the hearing level). In fact, so many claims are denied at the application level that it has become a commonly spoken mantra that all claims are denied the first time.

Actually, the social security administration does not have such a policy. Having said that, though, it is true that only three out of ten cases are approved at the application level. Meaning that 70% of all applicants are forced to either give up or initiate an appeal.

Without a doubt, appeals are the better option. So, how do you get one started if you've been denied?

Very simply. To file an appeal on a disability case, you simply (within 60 days from the date of your denial) contact the social security office and inform them of your desire to start an appeal. At that point, your timely request for an appeal will be logged and appeal paperwork (the forms are fairly short and simple) will be sent to you. At that point, if you are represented by an attorney or non attorney disability representative, you can always contact that individual and have them file your appeal paper work for you (and, in fact, you should do this to keep them properly "in the loop".

Of course, even if you do not contact your disability representative, chances are they will receive a copy of your denial notice and file an appeal on your behalf. However, I always advise claimants to call the attorney or non attorney rep just in case they do not receive their copy of the denial notice.

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