Friday, April 28, 2006

How to File for disability or File for SSI - do it as soon as possible

This is really just a bit of practical advice. If you think you are disabled, file for disability benefits asap (whether the disability application is for social security disability or SSI will be determined by the social security administration when you go to apply).

I only say this because so many people who later, at some point, become applicants for social security disability or ssi disability did not file when they should have. By this, I mean that, even though they eventually did contact social security and file for disability, this happened only after too much consideration was devoted to whether or not they should file at all.

Put plainly, the problem with waiting too long to file (when you already know you are disabled) is that the social security disability system is a very lengthy process. From start to finish, it can easily take 2-3 years to get approved. Therefore, an individual who feels they are legitimately disabled might find it prudent to get a disability application started, to get one "in the pipeline", so to speak.

Of course, many individuals put off filing for disability because they want to work as long as they possibly can. This is understandable. People need to support themselves and they have bills to pay. And this is unfortunate also, because some people actually substantially aggravate their condition by forcing themselves to work longer than they should.

However, individuals who have stopped working should not hesitate to file for disability. Because the longer they wait, the higher the "opportunity cost" (anyone who's ever taken accounting will be familiar with this phrase). And there is another factor to consider as well. Those who have stopped working and are essentially living off savings will probably, at some point, deplete their savings. By all means, these individuals should initiate a disability claim to get "things rolling" as soon as possible.

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I have a silly roommate: so I looked at her SSI statement for her. I just finished my college math so I did the break even problem with the numbers. What I found was if you started receiving at the minimum age the break even point is 43 months after your next eligability date. make it easy $1k for 72 months or $1.3k for 36 months and will you be there in 6 years? Or will SSI be there? Can't spell but can count!

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