Monday, April 24, 2006

The Criteria for Social Security Disability and SSI

What is the criteria for social security disability and ssi? There are two different ways to go about answering the question. The first concerns basic eligibility criteria.

To be eligible for social security disability benefits, an individual must have worked and paid into the "system" sufficiently enough to have become insured for disability benefits. This is, in fact, why social security is referred to as social security disability insurance and also as DIB, or disability insurance benefits. And for an individual to actually draw social security disability benefits, they must either be covered (that is, have insured status) or, if their insured status has lapsed, it must be shown that their disability began prior to when their insured status lapsed (known as a DLI, or date last insured).

Eligibility for SSI disability is different. SSI is actually for individuals who are not covered by, or insured for, social security disability benefits. This includes individuals who have never worked, such as children, individuals who were once insured for social security disability but whose insured status lapsed, and individuals who are currently insured for social security disability, but whose benefit amount would be fairly small.

The second way, though, to answer the question (what is the criteria for social security disability and ssi) is simply this: if an individual has a condition, or a number of conditions, that prevents him or her from working (for at least 12 months) at their most recent job or at a job they have done in the past, and prevents him or her from performing any other type of work, then that individual will be eligible for disability.

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