Saturday, April 29, 2006

Can you apply for social security disability or ssi if you are working ?

Yes, you may apply for social security disability or ssi benefits if you are working, as long as your monthly gross earned income is under the SGA amount. What is SGA? It stands for substantial gainful activity. The concept is this: if you can work, but due to the restrictions of your disability, you cannot earn (gross) more than a certain amount (the SGA amount) each month, then you may be considered disabled.

How much is SGA? It is subject to change on an annual basis. In 2005, it was $830 per month and in 2006 it is $860 per month.

If you are working and you apply for disability, when should you report this information to social security. As in all cases, you need to report all required information as soon as possible. In this case, you would supply all of your information to the social security administration in the course of filing your disability application.

If you have earnings that, for some reason, SSA may not be aware of (such as self-employment), consider reporting these as well. The last situation you want to be in is where you have been approved for disability and later are found to owe an overpayment to the social security administration.

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